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Glen Edward Ashman

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  • The biggest mistake people make when they do their taxes

    HR Blockis not a tax place (nor is the guy in the Statute of Liberty clown suit) Prepared by the Law Office of Glen E. Ashman 2791 Main Street East Point GA 30344 Every year millions of Americans make a big mistake. They go to HR Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty...

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  • Get your credit report for free (and avoid the Free Credit Report "scam" on the TV commercial)

    The easiest way to get free reports from all three bureaus is to visit or call 1-877-322-8228. That service can only be used once per year. This site lets you order all three (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion at once). Warning: Do not ...

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  • Can I do my divorce (or bankruptcy) case myself?

    Thinking of filing a court case without a lawyer? Be aware that court clerks and judges can't give you legal advice. For example, they cannot: Explain the meaning of a particular statutory provision or rule Give an interpretation of case law Explain the result of taking or no...

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  • Planing to File a Bankruptcy? Prepare For Your First Lawyer Visit

    What to get together Documents you may need: 1. Many lawyers have a bankruptcy worksheet to complete (see our weblink for the one we use). Complete it thoroughly so your lawyer has enough informat

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  • How to Select a Lawyer

    Talk to friends and family. If they had a good experience with a lawyer in the same field for which you need legal help, their recommendations should be considered. You can learn a great deal about

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