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Peter Reed Hill

About Peter Hill

About me

I have been a solo practitioner or a partner in a small law firm since graduating from Emory law school in 1988. It is my philosophy to give each client as much individual attention as their case needs for a successful conclusion. In immigration matters, I also advise clients when they have no case to remain in the United States, rather than take a case and say, "sorry,"  thousands of dollars later. It is better for clients' interests that the client take his or her hard earned money to their home country to start a new life rather than to spend it on a "wild goose chase" with the Federal Government.

I spend little time promoting myself for the benefit of the general public and for my peers, unlike many others in this profession. I find excessive lawyer advertising to be demeaning to the profession and often misleading. I only engage in it minimally in order to allow existing clients and referrals to find me. I do host an occasional radio show in Spanish.

Outside of my law practice, I am an avid golfer and fly fisherman, and a world traveller.