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Nancy Castor Sprattlin

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  • What constitutes sexual harrasment in the work place?

    For the last several months the 2 assistant store managers have been spreading false rumors about me and another co-worker. I have spoke to the store manager about it several times and nothing has been done. They have been telling other employees ...

    Nancy’s Answer

    Courts have defined sexual harassment (the type referred to in your posting) as harassment that is so pervasive that it would create a hostile work environment. In order to prevail on this type of claim against your employer, you would have to produce evidence at the very least that 1) your workplace is permeated with discriminatory ridicule, insult or intimidation that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of your employment, 2) treatment complained of was motivated by gender, 3) that specific basis exists to impute such conduct to your employer. Courts have made it clear that sporadic comments are not sufficient. Rather there must be a steady barrage of inappropriate comments for a plaintiff to establish a hostile work environment. However, the offensiveness of the actions at issue is also a factor to be considered in determining whether such actions are pervasive. You may have legal options available to you including filing of hostile work environment (or/and defamation) claims. However, based on the limited information provided, it is difficult to assess whether you have viable claims against those responsible for committing and/or permitting inappropriate behavior in your workplace. To determine whether the harassment you have experienced is a violation of harassment (or defamation) laws, you will need to meet and speak with an employment attorney and provide more information and documents (if any) about your circumstances.

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