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Marny J. Heit

Marny Heit’s Answers

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  • Can a person travel out of state (fly) with a DUI conviction/pending case?

    I have a court date for Jan 2011. I was arrested for DUI last week, and have plans to travel out of state for my birthday next week. Will I get in any kind of trouble? I am only going to be gone for four days.

    Marny’s Answer

    Yes, you can travel out-of-state while your case is pending.

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  • If I am planning on pleading guilty for a DUI, should I worry about the Admin hearing?

    I spoke with our family attorney today who said my case is not looking favorable. I got pulled over for failure to maintain lanes (I was looking for my purse in the floor) and refused all testing except the field sobriety, even though I had not dr...

    Marny’s Answer

    Absolutely. Since you refused the test, your license will be suspended for 12 months with no driving permit if you do not request an administrative hearing and you plead guilty to DUI. If you request the hearing, you may be able to prevent that 12-month suspension, therefore allowing you to shorten your license suspension and obtain a limited driving permit. You really should talk to an attorney who has experience defending DUI cases. Act quickly before the 10-business day deadline runs out to request the administrative hearing.

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