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Flippen v. AGL Resources

Case Conclusion Date: 01.22.2009

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Jury Verdict $1,017,836.94

Description: Plaintiff was rear ended on the exit ramp of Ga 400 off I-285 by an Atlanta Gas Light Van. She treated conservatively for two years in an attempt to avoid surgery. She underwent cervical fusion three years post accident and lumbar fusion five years post accident. Defense hired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lee Kelley to opine that the surgeries were "unreasonable and unnecessary". Defense also argued that the collision was low speed and did not cause Plaintiff's continued problems. Defendant argued that diagnostic studies showed that Plaintiff had degenerative disc disease that began longe before this accident. Plaintiff argued that her injuries were aggravation to her pre existing degenerative problems. Last offer: $350,000.00 Last Demand: $500,000.00 Case is currently been appealed by Atlanta Gas Light.

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