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Fareesh S. Sarangi

Fareesh Sarangi’s Legal Guides

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  • What you need to do if you are stopped for DWI./DUI

    This guide has many important tips one should follow in any jurisdiction when confronting a traffic stop, but there are sections that impart Georgia specific advice. When the advice is specific to Georgia, I have inserted a GA in the section to highlight that. I. The Stop What ...

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  • Spring 2013 Overview of Vaginal Mesh Litigation

    All vaginal mesh claims are currently being consolidated before US District Judge Richard Goodwin in West Virginia through the multidistrict litigation process (MDL). Judge Goodwin is currently presiding over both POP claims, as well as female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) cl...

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  • An Overview of Dog Bite Laws in Georgia

    Many of us are responsible animal owners, and this guide should not be interpreted an indictment of dogs or their owners. However, dog bites are a problem in Georgia, and nationally, especially when it comes to young children as evidenced by national statistics. The American Huma...

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