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C. Jeffrey Kaufman

About C. Kaufman

About me

Kaufman Law has over thirty years of experience practicing personal injury law in Georgia.  We have had an opportunity to resolve problems for injured people in almost every type of case and from almost every area of Georgia. You can count on our experience to help you sort through the confusion that you experience after being injured. After an injury, you may not know who to count on, or turn to, or how to get the help you need.  Look no further.


Call Kaufman Law at 678-666-3600 for a free consultation. We are here for you 24/7, including weekends. The attorneys and staff at Kaufman Law, P.C. can guide you through the fog and confusion of the moment and help you and your family plan for the long recovery ahead.  Kaufman Law has assisted thousands of Georgia clients in recovering from injuries of all types. We use our expertise to obtain fair settlements for our clients after their injury, and we get results.  We have one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Georgia. 


Our Atlanta, Georgia based firm has the experience, dedication and drive to recover the compensation you deserve.


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