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Matthew Wayne Kilgo

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  • What is the percent of people that are convicted of a dui in roswell, georgia versus a reduced sentance?

    i'm trying to see if it's worth paying all that money for a knowledgeable lawyer, if a large percentage of people are convicted anyway.

    Matthew’s Answer

    It's hard to deal in absolutes like percentages when talking about a DUI case because every case is completely different. Judge Hilliard in Roswell certainly takes his fair share of DUI pleas, but it is just as possible that any given case can be reduced. Whether that happens or not is based on the facts of your particular case for the most part; other considerations are whether the prosecutor (Milton Barwick in Roswell) and the officer will agree to a reduction. A good attorney will (or let's say SHOULD) investigate a case before giving the client ANY indication of whether he or she believes a reduction is possible or likely. That investigation should include a detailed account from you, the client; a review of all police reports and videos, if they exist; and obtaining the training records and disciplinary history on the officer, if possible, among many other steps. Then your attorney will be sufficiently informed to be able to explain all possible options to you, like a dismissal, reduction to reckless driving, trial before Judge Hilliard in Roswell, or trial before a jury by moving the case to the state court in Atlanta. All options have positives and negatives. And Roswell's prosecutor and officers are usually easy to work with: they may not always agree with you but are willing to discuss the options. Roswell has even built in a pre-trial conference meeting into their calendars so that the prosecutor, officer, and defense attorney can get together and talk through the facts of a case before you make a decision. Long story short: you owe it to yourself to at least check out some lawyers familiar with Roswell. Most offer free consultations and many have very good records of success in Roswell.

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