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Jordan Jacob Hendrick

Jordan Hendrick’s Legal Guides

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  • Jurisdiction and Venue to Modify Child Custody or Visitation Out of State

    In 2001, Georgia enacted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. This act governs child custody matters when there is a dispute as to which state and/or county is the proper place to file a child custody proceeding (which includes changes of physical custody a...

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  • A "No Fault" Georgia Divorce

    Georgia Bar Consumer Pamphlet Series: To obtain a divorce on this basis (irretrievably broken), one party must establish that he or she refuses to live with the other spouse and that there is no hope of reconciliation. It is not necessary for both parties to agree the marriage is...

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  • The basic grounds for divorce in Georgia

    What are the grounds for divorce in Georgia? Georgia Bar Website: In Georgia there are 13 grounds for divorce. One ground is irretrievably broken (sometimes referred to as the no-fault ground). The other 12 grounds for divorce in Georgia are fault grounds. My Two Cents: The grou...

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