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Multiple Sclerosis Disability Claim

Case Conclusion Date: 03.31.2009

Practice Area: Social security

Outcome: Favorable Decision Awarded

Description: In March of 2009, I tried a Multiple Sclerosis disability case before an Administrative Law Judge in Atlanta. The case involved a 49-year-old female with Multiple Sclerosis who was an army veteran and who had worked as a postal worker for 20 years prior to filing for Social Security Disability. Although Multiple Sclerosis is considered a serious illness by the Social Security Administration, winning a MS case can be tricky since MS is characterized by flare-ups and remissions; when claimants are in remission, their functionality in the workplace can be good. To win this case, I focused on my client's solid work history as a postal worker, her time served in the U.S. military, and the specific symptoms of her MS that made it impossible for her to sustain employment. To better our chances of winning, I drafted up a pre-hearing brief outlining her entire case, and had it submitted to the Judge prior to the hearing. By the time of the hearing, the Judge had looked over the brief I had submitted and had also reviewed the medical record and my statements about the work limitations arising from my client's MS symptoms. The hearing was brief and the Judge awarded a favorable decision. I believe that our emphasis on her MS symptoms and associated functional limitations as well as my drafting of a pre-hearing brief helped us meet with success in this case. It is commonly my practice to translate one's medical record into work limitations, and I also commonly submit briefs on behalf of my clients so that their chances of success are greater. For more details about this Multiple Sclerosis Disability case study, please visit Here you will also find additional case studies and also tips for winning a Multiple Sclerosis Disability Claim.

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