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  • I was involved in a rear end collision last night. What are my rights concerning my vehicle

    I had a truck hit me in the rear-end last night. I know he had to have been going at least 45mph when he hit me. I have neck, back and side pain. But my question is - what are my rights concerning my vehicle, because I'm fearing the insurance com...

    Andre'’s Answer

    I advise all clients to such for their vehicle on sites like & kelly's blue to see what the going price is for your vehicle in your area. I would use the number from these sites as a bargain tool. Also, you mentioned you had a lot of upgrades. If you still have the receipts, provide them to the insurance company. The insurance company should pay for any upgrades you had if you have proof of purchase. Finally, ask for an itemized list of what they are paying for when compensating you for your vehicle. The break down allows you to see if anything was left uncounted for. You will also want to see a doctor for your injuries and consult with a local attorney. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, 404-850-7951.

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  • My husband was T-boned by an 18 wheeler monday morning while working.

    The truck spun him in a 90 degree angle and pushed the vehicle the length of a football field. My husband was injured, although due to having no insurance he was not taken to the hospital in an emergency vehicle, rather his co-worker drove him. Hi...

    Andre'’s Answer

    I pray your husband makes a full recovery. In addition to the information listed above, it is extremely important that you retain counsel that has handled 18 wheeler accidents in the past. An 18 wheeler accident is completely different from a regular car accident, and it should be handled by law firm/lawyer with keen insight in this area of law.

    Best regards,
    André Dennis

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  • Interstate Collision? What to do?

    I was stopped in traffic on the interstate (from another accident a few miles ahead) when another car rear-ended me going around 80 miles an hour. Witnesses say that the driver never attempted to brake. The impact forced me into another vehicle ...

    Andre'’s Answer

    I agree with most of the attorneys on this post. The most important thing is for you to focus on getting the best treatment & doctors the state of Georgia has to offer, so you can make a full recovery.

    One way to access the best treatment and doctors in Georgia, is hiring an attorney that handles catastrophic injuries cases. These attorneys will have a list of recommended doctors they have worked with in the past.

    Hiring an attorney who handles catastrophic injuries cases will make sure the appropriate steps are taken to care for all your issues. A few things you can look for when hiring attorney is:

    1. Ask how many cases they have tired, and how long has it been since their last trial. Insurance companies are afraid to go to court on most cases. Hiring an attorney who isn't afraid of going to court sends the wrong doers a messages that you are serious about all your issues being addressed appropriately.

    2. Ask the attorney what percentage of their practice makes up personal injuries cases. Handling a catastrophic injury case is completely different from handling a regular car wreck case. Therefore, you need an attorney who's practice is dedicated solely to the practice of personal injury law.

    3. Ask for letters of recommendations. Hiring an attorney is a lot like getting married. You want to know what you are signing up for before it's too late. Letters of recommendations could let you know if the attorney is good at return client's phone calls; how well the attorney keeps clients informed during the settlement process; and whether previous clients has referred work to their office.

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery. If you need any additional tips, please feel free to contact me at 404-850-7951 ext. 706. I'll be happy to assist you.

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  • Car accident- other party at fault- car totaled- how to get more money for new car payment?

    I'll try to keep this short. Me and my wife got into an automobile accident. The driver was at fault (police report and everything). I only have liability insurance on the car so my insurance company told me to directly call other persons insuranc...

    Andre'’s Answer

    The unfortunate thing about your car being totaled is the insurance company only has to give you the Fair Market Value of your car. Depending on the year, make, & model, it is often not enough to buy a new car.

    There are not enough fact present here to advise you in detail, but one of the techniques I use for my clients is finding a car identical to the car that is totaled in your zip code. A good tool to do this is or a similar site. Make sure to check off each item your car has/had. If the amount of a car on this site is not what the insurance company is offering tell, show them the reported price from the site. Tell them, this is what my car is going for in my zip code. Therefore, this is the fair market value.

    Make sure they pay you for the tag and any upgrades you made to the car recently, i.e. new tires etc, etc. They will make likely ask you for a receipt for recent upgrades. Good luck!

    André Dennis,
    Trial Attorney
    The Dennis Law Group, LLC

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  • I was involved in a low speed accident as the passenger what are my rights?

    The owner of the car is very mild mannered and just wants to get her car fixed and not cause waves? I don't know if she plans to get a lawyer or not, and I had whiplash my neck snapped, and my back and Lt. knee have been hurting since accident whi...

    Andre'’s Answer

    Probably the biggest misconception I see amongst clients is that low speed accidents aren't deadly. These accidents can be extremely harmful, and sometime the affects of the accidents dont show up for days. To answer your question, you do have rights, and they are not dependent upon the driver.

    Depending on the facts of your case you may be eligible for lost wages, payment of medical bills, & compensation for your pain and suffering. The best thing to do now is contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. Do not give the insurance company anything other than generic information, i.e. name, date of birth, a good contact number for you, & your SSN if they ask for it. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT discuss whether you are hurt or the details of the accident with the insurance company. For any discussion of those topics could hurt your rights.

    Wish you well!

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  • Why have my personal injury lawyers withheld money that may or may not have a government lien and an additional ten percent?

    I was a part of a law suit that awarded me some cash, however i have only received a fraction of this settlement from my attorneys who have already received the money from the company that has been sued.

    Andre'’s Answer

    I agree with the attorneys listed above. There could be several reasons why your attorney has held the money. Some of the most common reasons funds are held are-health insurance reimbursement, various health bills, or liens that you may have such as bankruptcy or court judgments. If you didn't sign anything, there's a possibility you may get the funds back if they are not used. Best thing to do is contact the attorney with your concerns. Good luck!

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  • My Toyota Prius got totaled through no fault of my own, now Geico wants to give me $7,500 less than it costs to replace it!

    What can be done about this? There are no hybrids on the physical market that can be bought at the price they are offering me. I'm so upset!!!

    Andre'’s Answer

    Contact an attorney. There may be options available under your insurance policy depending on what type of coverage you have. Also, you can ask them for an itemized list for the payout of your car. After you have the list, visit a site like enter your make, model, year, milage and zip code and see what's the going price is for a car similar to yours in your area. The information from or a site similar could be used as a bargain chip.

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  • I live in riverdale ga and recently found out the person I use to date gave me herpes. Can I sue. He never disclose it to me,

    Someone told me the person I dated had infected her 4 years ago with the herpes virus, he has infected me intentionally with this std and never told me. I am looking for advise from a lawyer here in Georgia and would like to discuss my option.

    Andre'’s Answer

    The most important thing is proving the person intentionally affected you with the std. Gather all evidence that supports your belief. Also, make sure the person has assets that would support filing a claim. If the person doesnt have any assets, there's nothing you can do. Also, you may want to look at criminal prosecution.

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  • What should i do about my son getting hurt at restaurant?

    My son 4 years old hit his head on the table at applebees restaurant and gashed his head open. There was no incident report done and manager had no knowledge. Server brought first aid stuff but did not do anything else. I was at work he was with h...

    Andre'’s Answer

    I agree with the attorneys above. Unless there are some facts that you left out, nothing warrants hiring an attorney. Hope your son makes a speedy recovery.

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  • I got hit by a semi truck in Ga 4/11.Fired one lawyer but new lawyer hasn't worked on new demand package hired 12/11 what to do?

    New lawyer was hired 12/11 no contact with me at all. I've spoke with solicitor and he going to start on my case in few weeks. Insurance company doesn't want to pay for anything because driver claims it wasn't him(hit in run semi truck) but police...

    Andre'’s Answer

    Client/Attorney contact is extremely important! Contact the attorney's office and schedule an appointment with him. During the appointment, list your issues with his service and see if they can be corrected. If possible, avoid firing the attorney, because firing multiple attorney could hinder other attorneys from taking the case. If problems continues, contact the state bar.

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