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Patricia Ketch Buonodono

Patricia Buonodono’s reviews

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  • Very Competent, Helpful and trustworthy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leslie

    Three different legal matters spanning 16 years and Mrs.. Buonodono has been informative, thorough, supportive and very competent. I am thankfull for her representation; once even after she went into government practice, her feedback was

    Hired attorney
  • Responsive and Fair

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vickie

    Pat worked with me on my divorce and a subsequent change to the divorce agreement. She is caring, responsive and always very helpful. I would definitely recommend her.

  • would not use this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I hesitated to post this, but after much thought decided that I don't want one more person to endure the lack of representation that I experienced at the hands of this lawyer.

    I spoke to her several times before my case came up; each time she talked to me about what to expect when I got to court she told me a different story. She was recommended as an expert in the field she represented me in; I was horrified to find out that when we actually got to my hearing she told me I was going to plead guilty. I could have done this without having paid her. It was my understanding prior to the hearing that I would be charged with a lesser offense.

    I don't know if she is just lazy or if she is truly ignorant, but I feel as though my life has been permanently altered because I trusted her advice. The entire time I worked with her all she could talk about was the fact that she was transitioning to juvenile law and that she was in a hurry to clear her calendar.

    After the devastating outcome of my hearing she happily told me about her singing group and how they were going to be making a CD.

    I have talked to several people since this hearing and all of them have told me that I got screwed. It's too late to fix this now.

    I let her know about how devastated I was by the outcome of this whole thing and she really didn't care.

    Patricia Ketch Buonodono’s response: “I spoke with this client ahead of time a number of times. I made it clear to her that her DUI case would not be reduced to "reckless driving," yet she had it in her head that was what would happen. I discussed personal things with her like music and my career change because she is a friend of the family. We also discussed her impending wedding and the fact that she wanted to get the case over with so she could go on her honeymoon without it hanging over her. I represented her at a reduced rate because she was a friend of the family. I made it clear to her at the time she entered her plea that it was her decision. She could have gone to trial with her case but in my 16 years of experience I believe she would have been convicted by a judge or a jury, and I told her this after reviewing the video of her taken at the time of her arrest. She called me the next day saying she had been up all night crying because of the outcome and I was surprised because she did not say much to me when we were in court. I called her back immediately and discussed matters with her. I do care if my clients are unhappy with the outcome of a case. But in my opinion, based upon years of training in DUI law specifically and handling DUI cases, she would not have prevailed at trial and I did tell her that and I also told her at least twice before we entered her plea that they rarely reduce cases to reckless driving anymore.”
  • Review for Pat Buonodono

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Theresa

    Ms. Buonodono has represented me in several legal matters related to my divorce and custody of my son. She is an excellent attorney and has worked very hard to help me. I can't say enough positive things about her.