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Joyce F. Glucksman

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  • In the state of georgia if fired does the employer have to give a separtion notice

    if fired in the state of georgia does an employer have to give the employee a separation notice

    Joyce’s Answer

    While the employer is required to provide a form ES800 which is a separation notice, it is often omitted. If the employee files for unemployment, the Department of Labor will request information on why you were terminated.

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  • Financial advisor opened a margin account saying I needed it to write checks from my investment acct, the interest left me broke

    My advisor changed companies. I went with him. At the new company he said I needed a margin account. I didn't no a margin account was a loan. I continued to write checks as I had for the previous 9 years with no problem. After about 6 years I was...

    Joyce’s Answer

    You can still file a demand for arbitration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This may be a case of unsuitability. A margin account is borrowing against your investments. You might argue that your investments did not meet your needs given the amount you were borrowing. Get a second opinion from a local lawyer.

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