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Diana Rugh Johnson

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  • What should I do to help my brother?

    My brother is in a *bad* living situation with my mother. She doesn't buy him food, doesn't make sure he's clean, and has clean clothes. She's always taking him to the hospital and keeping him out of school b/c he's "sick." She's got two pending c...

    Diana’s Answer

    Do any teachers or other staff at your brother's school share your concerns? If so, you may want to speak with them about your brother's situation. Educators are mandated reporters of child abuse/neglect and DFCS is sometimes inclined to take their reports more seriously than reports that come from concerned family members. If your brother is again removed from the home, you should do your best to appear at all court hearings in order to make yourself known to the court as a possible placement resource for your brother. Because you are a family member, DFCS will be obligated to evaluate your home and to consider placing your brother there. What they may not tell you is that if your home is approved, you will be eligible for a relative care subsidy to assist you with the financial burden of caring for your brother.

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  • Do i have a chance of winning this case

    i have a 17 month old daughter who i had taken to the hospital bc she had symptoms of a seizure, but the doctors diagnosed my child with and ear infection and sent her home. 5 days later she had another seizure and another doctor diagnosed her wit...

    Diana’s Answer

    Along with obtaining representation, it is important that you obtain a copy of your child's medical records. It is common, especially when a head CT is the diagnostic tool, for the results to be inconclusive, but for DFCS to allege child abuse as if the head CT showed a definite subdural hematoma.

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