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Robert C. Port

Robert Port’s Legal Guides

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  • Behavioral Finance: What It Can Teach Us about How We Deal with Money, Investing, and Risk

    What are “behavioral finance” and “behavioral economics?” Why do people often not act rationally when it comes to financial decisions? What are the most common behavioral errors among individuals when

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  • Transitioning Business to the Next Generation

    When is the best time to engage in succession planning strategy? How do you prepare the next generation to take over management and leadership of the company? Are there specific situations where it is

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  • What is Fiduciary Law?

    Fiduciary law explained in 4 minutes. See full script below. Most of us own things like cars, houses, stock, as well as life insurance or retirement accounts. They are referred to as assets. When w

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  • How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Securities / Investment Fraud

    In this video interview on Business RadioX Robert Port of Gaslowitz Frankel LLC talks about the rights of those who have suffered financial losses due the breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, reckle

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  • Lessons About Investing Learned in Court

    Wall Street Doesn’t Have a Crystal Ball Contrary to what Wall Street’s very effective marketing would have you believe, those who “beat the market” in the short term do so because of luck, not skill.

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