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  • Civil Rights

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jermaine

    I was a victim of racial profiling, an illegal search without consent with the use of a k-9 dog. Without probable cause and without reasonable articulable suspicion, officers of Doraville & Dunwoody police departments attempted to fabricate a story to substantiate clear violation of federal law when their search came up empty. Mark took a special interest in my case since he too had been pulled over by the same officer that pulled me over. As a white male, he was never questioned about weapons or drugs as I was, nor did a routine traffic stop result in a drug search of his vehicle. Mark worked diligently from start to finish with the litigation of my case. Being a reputable lawyer of many years, he used his muscle to pressure both departments involved into negotiating proceedings which ultimately ended in settlements. He faced serious resistance in obtaining audio and dash cam video from both departments. A reporter with wsbtv ch.2 successfully obtained copies and provided him with the requested material. Mark very meticulously transcribed the captured mic-pak audio of the officer's comments profiling me. This was the beginning of what became a much larger case. With the involvement of two municipalities, he dissected my case into smaller manageable parts. The City of Doraville was the first to offer to settle. (Doraville provided a k9 during the stop. Dunwoody did not have its own k9 at the time of my stop). This made the case more likely to yield a favorable outcome since the K9 officer testimony could not be used in court should we have to go to court. Mark stayed on the case to the very end. He was finally able to negotiate a reasonable amount to settle our case with the City of Dunwoody. A true patriot and seeker of justice, Mark is an uncommon individual who understands the imbalance of the legal system, yet does everthing within his power as an attorney to set things straight. I would recommend him to anyone seeking counsel on their civil rights case, and I will certainly seek him out for any future legal needs.

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chip

    I have consulted Mark Bullman on several occasions, each time for a different reason. I have found Mark to be accessible and very responsive throughout the duration of my cases. He is thoughtful and thorough in all aspects and scenarios of my cases and has delivered favorable results every time. His attention to detail is unrivaled. I will continue to use Mark and strongly recommend his expertise.

    Hired attorney
  • Wasted my time

    1.0 star

    Posted by Stacy

    I had high hopes about this law firm based on the reviews I found online. We originally contacted this law firm back in February 2015 and quickly got a response from a Mr. J. Kyle Brooks. He wanted to speak with us further which we were extremely happy about. We immediately contacted him back and got NO response. Left several voice mails and sent several emails over the following month. On March 26, 2015, I actually called and spoke with the secretary there, who informed me that Mr. J. Kyle Brooks no longer worked there and that they were sorry that no one contacted us back. I sent her a follow up email right after that phone conversation just to have something in writing. We then received a phone call from Mr. Mark Bullman and he seemed highly interested in our case. Requested more information which we gladly sent to them and even asked that we contact our criminal defense attorney to grant them permission to speak with them. Which we gladly did. A month went by, NO response or communication. On May 18, I emailed again asking for a status update and to PLEASE let us know if they were going to take the case or not and that we just needed to know one way or the other so we could look elsewhere. The secretary apologized for the delay and said she would have the lawyer call us back that day. We did NOT get a phone call. On May 26th, I emailed again for a status update. I immediately got a response from the secretary. It was the generic email that gets copied/pasted into emails stating that "due to caseload, we have decided not to take your case." Keep in mind that we had been going back and forth for over 3 months, sending information, sending emails, leaving voice mails, requesting permissions from attorneys, etc. So to get the generic non-personal automated email response, was a slap in the face and it was extremely unprofessional. To waste people's precious time was unbelievable. That generic email could have been sent to me 3 months prior BEFORE wasting my time. When I responded to that email, the response I got was, "I am very sorry that you feel that way. Please understand that we currently have a very large caseload volume with several deadlines quickly approaching, that has required a large amount of time and attention. This is in addition to our firm being short staffed. We did not feel it would be right to take your case and not be able to give it the time and attention it deserves. I sincerely apologize. Thank you." If the caseload was SO large and you didn't have time, then why string me along for 3 months requesting information from me and my husband, which we provided every time? Makes no sense at all. The best part about all of this, is that the 3 months that we spent sending information to this law firm, was the last 3 months available out of a 6 month time frame window to file charges against the city police department that we were trying to get held responsible for their horrible behavior. So when I was begging to get an answer on our case status, that time frame came and went. I would have thought that since Mark Bullman was a former police officer, that his law firm would be handled differently than other law firms and would not leave his potential clients in limbo for months when there was a deadline to file charges against city police departments. I would have thought that it would be more professional than that. So for those of you who are looking at the good reviews on here, just keep in mind that not everything is handled professionally here. This law firm wasted our time to the point where all of our options flew right out of the window. They should have had the common decency to let us know MONTHS prior that they didn't want our case. You should be ashamed of how you handled this.

    Consulted attorney
    Mark B Bullman’s response: “As you can see from our other reviews, our clients are very happy with our representation. Unfortunately, because this review is very misleading, we felt we needed to clear up some misstatements. First, we never consulted with anyone by the name Stacy in any way related to a Mr. Hart who called asking for representation. Mr. Hart was never a client, and he did not provide information for us to review until almost three months later than he says that he did. Once we received some information from him, we reviewed it within five days and called and emailed Mr. Hart. He did not reply. We sent additional emails and called again, and he finally responded. We spoke and he provided contact information for his mother. (Mr. Hart admitted that he was not good with technology and apologized for failing to get back to us.) We then tried to contact Mr. Hart’s mother in Alabama to get more information because the information he provided made little, if any, sense. However, she never returned our calls. We tried to reach Mr. Hart again, and we were finally able to tell him that we could not reach his mother. He said he would talk to her but we were never able to reach her. Based on the information we had, we explained to Mr. Hart that we did not see any liability on the part of the police officer involved, and that, in fact, the officer seemed to do everything correctly. We also explained that we saw no claim against the nursing staff or security at the hospital where Mr. Hart was committed for evaluation. In fact, it was Mr. Hart and his mother who became hostile and assaulted hospital staff when they were following proper procedures for a person involuntarily committed for help. The police officer came to try to defuse the situation and, from what we could tell, was entirely professional. Mr. Hart’s allegation that his rights were negatively impacted is simply untrue. He speaks about time limits that did not apply and could not even remember who the police officer worked for. Nevertheless, we told him that we could not help in plenty of time to pursue any claim that he felt he might have. We tried to be kind to Mr. Hart in explaining how we did not see any claim that he could pursue. He told us no one else would represent him, so we looked over the police report and the little other material we were given, to see if there was anything we could do. We did not feel that there was. It is very sad that Mr. Hart had to go through what he did, but we saw no claim for him to pursue, and, in fact, he and his mother were at fault and could have been charged with crimes, but the officer and staff decided not to pursue them. He was told this in a timely manner and had plenty of time and opportunity to try to find someone else who might be willing to provide him with representation.”
  • Effective is an understatement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Mark is a proverbial bulldog in the law field to say the least. He didn't let my case determine the timeline of progression let alone the judicial system which in my understanding and experience is not an easy task. He kept me constantly up-to-date on my case information and I never had to call him wondering what the next move was or what he was working on. Very quick, very clear an very very effective.

  • One of the good ones

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Mark has been handling a case for us that two previous attorneys did not handle to our satisfaction. He has done a great job and won a favorable judgment for us.
    He is smart, well prepared, and communicates effectively throughout the process.
    I highly recommend him.

  • An absolute hero

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thankful

    We believed an agent for a multi-billion dollar phone book advertiser committed fraud against our little company. The advertiser then spent more than two years harassing us in an attempt to collect thousands of dollars for their fraud against us, and ignored our every plea to correct their data and leave us alone. The advertiser finally sued us in another state's superior court in an attempt to make it too difficult for us to defend the matter!! It was an absolute nightmare.

    We started researching attorneys in Georgia, interviewing several via telephone from our home state. I knew immediately when I called Mark's firm that he was the right choice. His assistant Falyn was extraordinarily professional-- and I felt like she attributed the same weight to our matter that we did. Mark called me back later that day promptly at the scheduled appointment time, and after listening intently to the facts of our case said "This really appears to be a David vs. Goliath situation!!"

    Although the resources and practices of the advertiser made it an absolutely up-hill battle, Mark believed in our case and accepted it immediately. Over the next few months, although we must've been one of Mark's smallest clients, I always felt as though we were one of his top priorities. He was an absolutely great listener, and provided what I believed was excellent advice and strategy. In fact, after the initial hearing and some additional back and forth with the advertiser we prevailed!!

    We've dealt with attorneys in the past and have consistently felt that that we were at the bottom of a very long list of priorities. I can't overemphasize how wonderful it was to have an attorney who we felt held onto our matter as tightly as we did. Mark's dedication throughout was amazing-- and the fact that we prevailed against a company with almost infinitely more resources than ours who was willing to aggressively harass us for two years feels like a miracle.

    Also note-- although we were fighting back against a multi-billion dollar entity, Mark recognized that we were a very small concern and set his retainer at a level we could afford. He further led us through a case financial analysis with best and worst case scenarios to ensure we were prepared. Mark's analysis was spot-on, and he was able to keep his fees to the low side of the range he had initially described.

    To summarize-- David and Goliath situation, Mark aggressively and efficiently represented us and we prevailed. And, I feel for the first time in a relationship with an attorney like the value provided has FAR exceeded the financial cost. Mark is our hero. I now wish each of our legal matters could be handled in Georgia...

  • Claims against The City of Lithonia / Lithonia Police Department

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Giving Credit Where It Is Due

    I will be the first person to tell you. If you rights have been violated seek professional legal representation. That's what I did. A corrupt Lithonia police officer working off duty in full uniform at a "adult entertainment" establishment in Dekalb County, abused his powers, by helping and engineering me being exhorted out of money, I threaten to call 911, he told me if I called the police he would arrest me, I called anyways, The "off duty" officer had me falsely arrested, throw in jail without probable cause ALL VIOLATIONS OF MY CIVIL RIGHTS

    I had to pay money for a good attorney for the "false" charges, that was filed against me. Those charges were dismissed. I then called15 attornies in the Atlanta and metro area. All attornies told me I had a case and wouldn't win, to let it go and move on, or cops have immunity, they will be t you.

    I called Mark Bullman, he heard and reviewed the facts and wasted no time in moving forward and taking my case. The attorney / client agreement was signed.

    Mark Bullman and his team did their diligence, and uncovered what the public would have never known about the officer in question and the Police Chief of Lithonia. Marks findings got the police chief fired from the job and his credentials have been yanked by the GIB and the DA's Office and GIB are currently investigating the officer in question for my complaint and other complaints that were swept under the run.

    Shortly after that, Mark had several talks with the City of Lithonia and it's insurance company. Eventually, attorney Mark was able to get an out of court settlement for $32,000.

    Mark Bullman is a man of ethics, honor, integrity. Mark and his team have displayed great professionalism and I would refer anyone who has a civil rights claim to contact him first.

  • A man of honor.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    I had such a wonderful experience working with Mark. Since day one I was treated with kindness and respect, which was a pleasant surprise after the experience I had with a previous attorney.

    Like most people, I don't know much about the law. Which is why I am so thankful I found Mark. He made it very easy for me to clearly understand the legal process we were in store for. He patiently and thoroughly answered all the questions I had. Mark is a wonderful communicator. I never had to bug him about the status of my legal claims. He diligently called or emailed me to keep me in the loop of things. He even used some of his precious personal time to make sure that I was never left in the dark. I can't stress enough how paramount communication is in an attorney client relationship. Did I mention I live on the West Coast, which is a mere 3,000 miles away from his office? And that I have never even met Mark in person? That just proves how efficient his communication skills really are.

    Mark fought tooth and nail for me and recently settled my case. I can't tell you how happy I am now that I finally have closure to a painful part of my past. Mark made the process so much easier for me. Even though I know Mark is a busy man who handles a lot of high profile cases, he made my small case feel like it only case he was working on. In the few months I worked with Mark, he went from being just my attorney, to being my attorney and my friend.

    I 100% encourage you to hire Mark as your attorney if you are looking for someone who will fight for you with integrity and will treat you with respect!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shawn

    Mr. Bullman is not only my attorney but he has become a good friend. He has been like a counselor to me in a sense as well, giving me advice, helping me through this whole situation emotionally and psychologically. He has been a shoulder to lean on and I will forever respect him for that. If you want a respected Attorney that is “FOR THE PEOPLE”, the first person I would call is Mark Bullman. If we had more people like him in the corporate world, this world would be a better place. He has been pursuing this case with diligence and we are on our way to making a difference in Atlanta with police corruption. He has been just as emotionally involved as I am which amazes me because people like that are hard to find now days. I actually met his wife over the phone today and she told me that they were praying for me which really meant a lot to me and just proved what great people and what a great family they are. It amazed me that even his wife is getting respectfully involved. Actually, the whole law firm has been great and they all are very respectful and professional. His assistant Kyle Brooks has been very respectful and has done a great job as well. They are all “good people” and an all around great Law firm. Much respect to all of you! Thanks for everything!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Atty Bullman epitomizes professionalism and I would recommend him without hesitation. Both he and his support staff took the time to really understand my needs, were responsive to my questions and concerns, kept me abreast of the status of my case. I know his firm has many other cases they work on, but I felt like my case was a priority and that is very important to me. The customer service was simply stellar. If you need an attorney that is genuine, honest, committed, and knows the law...look no further. I was throrougly pleased, not only because of the successful outcome of my case, but because of how I was treatedthroughout the process...I am truly a satisfied customer... and will use him again if the need should arise as he is truly a man of HONOR!!!