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Mark B Bullman

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  • Would it be in my best intrest to go to court with the insurance company against my claim

    accident caused by opponet in court. My age (57) two tractors collision.Injuries include: Back injuries ,leg injuries and Depression

    Mark’s Answer

    Cases involving tractor trailer are different than any other type of collision case. There are special rules that apply to tractor trailer companies and their drivers that need to be investigated. While police usually do a good job with investigating motor vehicle accidents, sometimes they do not pay attention to these differences because these special issues may not be relevant to their investigation. It takes an attorney that is familiar with trucking cases to accurately investigate any claim involving tractor trailers. We used to truck drivers and know the ins and outs of these cases and how their insurance companies think. Regardless of who you decide to talk to about your possible claims, be sure that they know these important differences.

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  • If I loaned someone money and have an IOU, but they are not paying me back, can I take them to court and maybe win?

    I loaned an ex-boyfriend $36,000 to buy a bobcat. I have a signed IOU stating what the money was for and that he agreed to pay me back as well as the cancelled check that I wrote to him. The IOU states that there is no payment schedule though. ...

    Mark’s Answer

    Without the ability to hire an attorney to handle this, it may be a good idea to contact the folks at your county district attorney's office or sheriff's department, as they might be willing to help you seek restitution or the return of the equipment. Most of the time, law enforcement will try to say such a matter is solely a civil matter, but your facts may suggest otherwise. It just depends on their attitude towards such cases. Just be careful not to threaten to contact police if he does not pay, if you have a civil case pending against him, as this could be considered a crime itself - extortion - under Georgia law.

    If this does not work, you could see if Georgia legal services programs operate in your area. If so, they frequently provide legal services for people based on financial need in the context of civil cases. This is not the public defender's office associated with criminal cases.

    Good luck.

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  • Does a company have to inform of charges and get authorization before doing work?

    I have a website and my programmer needed to upload changes. My hosting company denied them access and said if they would send the files they would upload them. I was never informed they would charge for this and I would NEVER have authorized th...

    Mark’s Answer

    Wihtout more information, this is a tough question to answer. However, with that limitation, it is likely that you have some contract with the hosting company. It might just be listed on the website or you approved it when ordering services. That would generally control the issues. That said, even if there is not a written contract, the Georgia law provides a claim for work performed, with apparent authority to do so, for the value of the services received. It is called a contract alternative and is based on what is fair, or equity. If there really was no value at all (in this case you said it was never done or done incorrectly), then there would be no real value of services you allegedly received. The cases would likely be determined based on facts surrounding these points. Hope this helps.

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  • How much does a headlight citation cost in GA?

    Broken headlight

    Mark’s Answer

    The answer to your question varies depending on the location, or jurisdiction, where the ticket was issued. To find out the cost, you should constact the court at the number on the citation received from the police officer. In most jurisdictions you can either pay online or by phone to avoid a court appearance (but you MUST find that out before you decide not to show up!). You might also be able to go get the light fixed and show up in court and bring receipt and ask the judge to dismiss to avoid fine, but there is no guaranty.

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