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Fulton County/Atlanta DUI Accident with a Police Car

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Not Guilty DUI, Not Guilty Reckless Driving, Not Guilty Running a Red Light

Description: Defendant was driving a Porsche on Northside Drive where he was T-boned by a police officer. Three officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol, noticed red eyes. Defendant also miserably failed all 3 field sobriety tests. According to the Atlanta police officer who has made hundreds of arrests, the Defendant was highly intoxicated. Further, there was NO video or audio of this event. Defendant allegedly refused the breath test at the jail. Pursuant to police policy, he was taken to Grady Hospital. Through careful investigation, we brought the emergency room doctor and nurse who treated the Defendant to the trial. Both medical personnel testified that they did not notice any signs of intoxication and that Defendant was perfectly sober. They treated him within an hour of the accident. Defendant is a cardiologist whose career could have been greatly impacted by a bad outcome. Fortunately, he was acquitted of all charges and was so emotional that he broke down after the verdict. The State did all that it could to discredit the Grady personnel, but in the end, the correct verdict was entered and Defendant was found not guilty of all charges.

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