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Gwinnett County 2/5 Jury trial with Head of the DUI Task Force and No video

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Not guilty DUI, Not guilty FTML, Guilty of speedin

Description: I'll start backwards. After the verdict, the judge stated: Mr. Kohn, you may have fooled the jury, but you did not fool me and gave my client ten days to serve on the speeding. Defendant did not speak english very well. He was stopped on 316 and given field sobriety. He failed the tests according to the officer and was allegedly pretending to blow into the machine at the station. Through a careful jury selection, I chose jurors who would be sympathetic to my client's problem of not understanding Englsih. The case was very hard fought and we presented evidence of a jail video that showed my client looking and acting normally. The jury agreed that the state did not prove my client's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I did not think I fooled anyone, the Judge wanted to hammer my client if convicted and felt like he was let off the hook. My client was ecstatic with the victory because it saved his license and his job.

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