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Cobb County 2/5 5th lifetime

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Plea to Reckless Driving

Description: Client was a multiple offender DUI. He was advised to get into an alcohol treatment program, which he did. He was stopped outside of a Kroger Shopping center near a cemetary. The officer observed the Defendant travelling on a road that led to a cemetary at around 2 a.m. My cross examination of the officer established that he had not violated any traffic laws. I submmitted photographs of the scene depicting our side of the story. Before the judge ruled, he called both the solicitor and I to the bench and asked if a lesser plea disposition had been discussed. There was no lesser offer on the table based upon my clients horrible record. However, the solicitor could sense that she was going to lose the hearing and the Defendant would walk with nothing. She agreed to dismiss the DUI if he plead to a reckless and got treatment. Everyone was satisfied with the result.

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