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Gwinnett County 2nd in 5 Hit and Run & DUI Refusal

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Reckless Driving Following Motion Hearing

Description: A group of people heard a loud crash and witnessed a white SUV drive from the scene. The SUV had run into 2 parked cars causing a severe amount of damage. A block away from the accident, a woman was seen staggering into a house. The white suv was parked in front of the staggering woman's house. Several witnesses called the police and told the police that the woman had been staggering and had been known to carry a gun. The police arrived at the house and determined that the owner of the suv was inside and was possibly injured. The woman was not injured, she was highly intoxiocated. The police entered the home without a warrant and eventually arrested my client for DUI. Following a hearing, the state was willing to reduce the charge to a reckless driving. However, the woman was required to be on house arrest for a period of time, complete counseling, and other various penalties. She was able to retain her driver's license. It was a very difficult case that was hard fought on both sides. Both the State and the Defendant walked out of court with a winning compromise. Prior to the hearing, she was facing a loss of license for 12 months and significant jail time.

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