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Roberts Clay Milling II

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  • Dfacs took my two week old daughter when a medical doctor made some bogus accusations about where some rib fractures

    she came through c section it was a very hard delivery...befor she check the medical records she called dfacs and police...she also told them she wanted me and the father put out of the hospital. we have the obgyn willing to send documents to prov...

    Roberts’s Answer

    It is possible there could be a claim against DFACS and/or the medical doctor, depending upon the facts of your situation and the reasonableness of the actions taken by DFACS in response to allegations of abuse. We would need to know several pieces of information to evaluate the claim, including: was there a probable cause hearing; if so, what was the outcome; how long were you separated from your child; did DFACS continue to deprive you of custody of your child after learning of facts that explained the injuries? These are just a few of the questions at issue.

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