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Robert Neal Katz

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  • Unfair vehicle towing

    Hi. Twelve days ago I went to a club (Acropolis) and parked in front of a Hess Express (gas station) next to the club, since there were no parking spaces outside the club. The parking space had no sign of being a tow-away zone, so I left my car th...

    Robert’s Answer

    I think the case would be a challenge for you since you would have to admit you were not using the Hess station, but parked there to go to another location. Further, the store manager may maintain that the sign was present. In any event, the time and energy it would take to pursue the matter in small claims court would not be worth the $180 you would seek to recover. Small claims court judges often do what they think is appropriate and, therefore, do not always rule in accordance with a potentially applicable statute. I would move on and save your time.

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