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State v. A.S.

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Dismissal of all charges. A.S. plead guilty to failure to maintain lane.

Description: A.S. was pulled over by officers after they saw him failing to maintain his lane and struck a median on Flat Shoals Pkwy. A.S. was asked to exit the vehicle when officers smelled the presence of alcohol, observed blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and a disheveled appearance. A.S. was asked to perform a number of sobriety field tests and did poorly on all tests he was also asked to take state administered breath & urine test which he agreed to. Consequently drugs and alcohol were found in his system. A.S. was immediately arrested and charged with, DUI drugs, DUI alcohol, and failure to maintain lane. This put A.S. in a particularly sticky situation because a DUI conviction would result in a loss of his professional license. After representing A.S. in court we were able to negotiate a

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