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Judy Jin Kim

Judy Kim’s Legal Guides

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  • Kitchen Accidents & Safety Guidelines

    In 2002, a NFL Jaguar and his wife were burned severely when a fondue pot overturned in their home. His wifes burns were so bad she needed skin grafts. While this story may sound ridiculous and embarrassing, the truth is several Americans are injured in the comfort of their own h...

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  • Michael Jackson Wrongful Death

    On June 25, 2008 Michael Jackson died of propofol (a surgical aenesthetic) intoxication after suffering a respiratory arrest. Afterwards, as the world mourned, several cloudy allegations and conspiracies circulated. The individual who received the most scrutiny and criticism for ...

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  • Understanding Field Sobriety Tests

    Law enforcement officers that suspect a person of driving under the influence can perform a number of different standardized and non-standardized tests in order to help them discern a drivers true level of impairment. However, these tests do not always yield accurate results. Und...

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  • Misdemeanor vs. Felony: What You Need to Know When Facing Charges

    Being arrested and charged of a criminal offense will likely result in harsh penalties for those who are formally found guilty. The nature of the crime for which you are charged will greatly influence the way in which you are persecuted and sentenced. As such, understanding the d...

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  • Workplace Accidents: Injuries and Benefits

    Workplace accidents are all too common and can bring severe consequences. Besides the pain and suffering it causes, it can bring great financial strain on employees and their families. You could receive compensation if you were injured due to faulty equipment or failure to mainta...

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