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Gino Emanuels’s Answers

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  • I have to appear in court for a "driving with a suspended license" charge. The short version is

    I got a traffic ticket for making a turn on a street in downtown atl that has no turns (did not know). Got back to off iand put ticket in my desk and forgot about it. Missed the court date for the tickect and the summons was sent to my old address...

    Gino’s Answer

    I will echo what my colleagues have stated above, which is that absolutely need to hire an attorney, and just add that you should make sure it is one that you feel comfortable with and that has your best interests at heart, not just your money. That said, if you went ahead and paid the outstanding fine, then you may be assessed points for that citation as paying a fine for a ticket is the equivalent of pleading guilty to the citation. However, with the citation for the suspended registration, an attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction in the type of citation or complete dismissal. Best of luck.

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