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Andrew E. Goldner

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  • What would be a estimate of my settlement?

    I was a victim of a hit and run, and when the collision center looked at my car, they stated it was totaled and at total loss. The man that hit my car did not have insurance, but i have uninsured motorist coverage. I was injured in the accident an...

    Andrew’s Answer

    It is extremely difficult for any lawyer to provide you with an accurate estimate about case value without knowing details such as the likely venue for a potential lawsuit, your actual injuries, and whether the treatment provided by the chiropractor was actually needed. As other counsel has stated, chiropractic treatment is often view with a very skeptical eye by many insurance companies because the industry (chiropractic) has, rightly or wrongly, been classified as one that over-treats, particularly in car wreck cases. Of course, we have no way of knowing if that occurred in your case. All that said, seek out a lawyer you can trust, tell he or she more about the case, and then your question can likely be answered.

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