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Shaun Ryan Yancey

Shaun Yancey’s Answers

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  • Do I have to file taxes every year? Even if I was advised not to by children and families.

    I stopped filing taxes 3 years ago when my child support got raised. I appealed the decision because I wasnt served papers for court and the childs mother lied in court about what I make and the income going into her house. Because I am over payin...

    Shaun’s Answer

    If you had gross income over the filing threshold for those years, then you are required to file your federal and state taxes accordingly. Child support issues have no bearing on your federal and state tax liability.

    However, the IRS is usually willing to settle the unpaid amount. This is called an Offer in Compromise. However, if you contact the IRS before you are audited, the Service may be more willing to settle for a reasonable amount of money. If you wait until you are audited, the IRS has the authority to garnish your wages and force you to pay the full amount owed or receive a tax lien.

    I highly recommend that you consult a tax attorney or a CPA and settle this immediately. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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  • How do you revoke a general power of attorney?

    My mother is staying with me now and my sister has power of attorney but she is not supporting my mother. I have been given a new power of attorney form from my mom's social worker. Is this sufficient?

    Shaun’s Answer

    First, you should always consult an attorney when dealing with power of attorney issues. Social workers may not fully understand power of attorney forms and agreements. Generally, power of attorney forms will state in the document the method for revoking them and how to give notice to the person holding it. If the original power of attorney form is silent on that issue, she can sign a power of attorney revocation form to revoke the original power of attorney and then sign a new one to you, assuming your mother is legally competent.

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