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Sutton Tolbert Slover

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  • My daugther got into an accident that resulted in injury to the other driver. My daughter was found to be at fault.

    My daughter was not on my insurance. So, will I be sued and held liable for all damages and injuries?

    Sutton’s Answer

    Probably not, she will be seen as a permissable user of your vehicle. However, if they can prove that there were reasons that you should have not entrusted her with the vehicle there might be a claim.

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  • Im 20 now but at age 18 I had a car wreck its wad minor the other driver said she was fine I even called after a few months to

    Check on her but no answer. So now after two year she's during me I'm a mother and a single one I make 2.13 and hour I can't afford what she's asking I can't even afford a lawyer nd I'm scared

    Sutton’s Answer

    In Georgia there is a Statute of Limitations of 2 years. Bascially this means that the injured party has 2 years to file suit against you. If they fail to bring a claim within the appropriate time, they are out of luck and you should have nothing to worry about.
    However, if there is still time remaining in the 2 year time frame, you would need to contact your insurance carrier who insured you when this accident arose. Your insurance company will cover the cost of your defense.

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  • I was injured as a CNA in an non lifting facility which we had to lift over 200lb residents. The company has kept me on payroll

    for 9 mos. I recently was sent to a indendent doctor. Haven't heard anything yet. I am very worried if they offer me retraining in another area not with them. How hard will it be to be hired by anyone else with this on my record?

    Sutton’s Answer

    Just remeber that if they fire you while you are on restrictions and you are unable to find employment due to that restriction you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. In Georgia if you are injured and it is later found that the employer fire you while you have work restrictions they have to compensate you. It is a hard burden but can be accomplished by through investigation into the companys hiring and firing policies.
    If your back is still hurting you need to be aware that the employer is on the hook for the medical treatment. In Georgia you would have to prove that you sustained the injury while in the course and scope of your employment. Bascially this means doing something your employer told you to do. The fact that the facility is a non lift would not have a bearing on the case in my opinion if the employer routinely had you lift paitents.
    I hope this helps you.

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  • I'm suing for personal injury in small claims court. What can I expect from the defendant's lawyer?

    I was injured on someone's property while house shopping, and I'm suing for personal injury in small claims. I'm representing myself, so what will the insurance company's lawyer's approach be? What should I expect from him? I have been told by att...

    Sutton’s Answer

    His approach will probably be to blame you. He might try to claim that you should have been paying more attention or that what ever you injured yourself on was open and obvious and you could have avoided it. Bascially prepare yourself for an attack on your behavior at the defendant's property.
    Asking for 3 times your medicals is realistic but remeber that every case is specific on it's facts. Just because you have medical bills doesn't mean you deserve 3 times that amount for pain and suffering. The judge will determine from your statements how much he believes you are entitled too. Remeber that magistrate court is maxed out at $15,000.00. Bascially your limited to recover any where from 0 to $15,000.00.

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