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Paul Vandyke Black

About Paul Black

About me

My experience as the son of two parents with big health challenges is what led me to the work I do today.   My mother has wrestled with Parkinson’s Disease for more than two decades.  My father suffered a major stroke in May 2001.  For many years, even as I tried to be a loving son to both of them, I began to notice  just how little I knew about the larger systems that were playing increasingly big roles in their daily lives- things like the ins and outs of Medicare’s Part D prescription drug program.  I was curious about how I could make their lives better by knowing more about these systems.  (I sometimes wished I could back in time and plan for the big changes in their lives, but absent a time machine, that just wasn’t possible.) 

Over time, as I learned more about how to meet their needs and as I grew into assuming more responsibilities (for my father in particular), I also learned that there were  entire legal specialties devoted to serving people whose needs were quite similar to theirs.  I soon found that I could pursue a career in the areas of elder law & the related area of special needs planning.  I had a great opportunity to turn some of the biggest challenges in my family’s experience into a source of strength and direction.

While at Georgia State University College of Law, I gained invaluable experience interning at the two senior-oriented divisions of Atlanta Legal Aid Society.  Atlanta Legal Aid’s Georgia Senior Legal Hotline trained me to provide quick advice on a broad range of legal issues facing aging Georgians, from consumer matters to landlord-tenant disputes to questions about public benefits.  The Senior Citizens Law Project  gave me the opportunity for more in-depth advocacy for a smaller number of clients, whose cases often involved probate issues, Medicare, and Social Security benefits.  After graduation from GSU Law, I was chosen from dozens of applicants nationwide as one of three 2010-2011 Borchard Foundation on Law & Aging fellows.  As a  Borchard fellow, I had the privilege of continuing to work for Atlanta Legal Aid Society, this time as an attorney.

After completing my fellowship, I launched my own private practice.  Today, I find great satisfaction in serving clients across Georgia who need help in the areas of elder law, estate planning, & special needs planning.

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