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Lisa Michelle Harris

About Lisa Harris

About me

Dealing with a  criminal case is not just unfortunate, it’s downright stressful. I understand that your case is not just about what’s in the file sitting on my desk. Your case affects your job, your home, your ability to pay your basic bills, and most importantly, it affects your family. In every case I handle, I take the time to help you identify areas of undue stress surrounding your case and offer whatever resources I have to help you and your family.


My focus is on protecting your rights at all costs; I seek to get you the best resolution possible and see that your Constitutional rights remain absolutely intact. For those people who have committed a crime, this is even more important. I aim to force the State to do things the right way every time.

My goal is not only to get you over the hurdle of your case, but to set you firmly on the path to long-term success. By taking a holistic approach to you and your case, I am best able to present a positive package to the Judge and prosecutors. This has resulted in increasing positive outcomes and my clients’ satisfaction.

Let me start championing you today!

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