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John Michael Parsons

John Parsons’s Legal Guides

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  • Medical Bills and What to Do About Them

    What should I do if a medical bill is sent to me? If you are represented, send it to your attorney immediately. If not represented, contact the medical provider and give them the workers’ compensatio

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  • Panel Physicians (Company Doctors)

    What if there is not a Panel of Physicians? By law, you have the right to treat with any doctor you choose at the Employer’s expense. You should take a photograph of the area in which legal notices a

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  • Medical Issues in Georgia Workers Compensation Cases

    Do I have to go to the doctor my boss tells me to go to see? It depends. Normally, when you are first injured, the Employer should allow you to select from a “Panel of Physicians”. The Panel of Physi

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  • Fault in Georgia Workers Compensation Claims

    Does Fault Matter in Workers Comp Claims Does my injury have to be my employer's fault ? No.Under Georgia law, you are entitled to benefits even if the injury was not the fault of your employer. In

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  • Georgia Worker's Compensation Rules and Regulations

    Weekly Benefits When you are not working at all (temporary total benefits): You can receive benefits when the doctor says you cannot work at all, or if the doctor has put you on light duty work and t

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