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Harlan H. F. Wood

About Harlan Wood

About me

Harlan Wood (pictured center) is a Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer in metro Atlanta.  With more than nineteen years in military service, Harlan is a US Army Reserve Trial Defense Services (TDS) JAG.  Harlan represents those injured as a result of others' negligence.  Harlan began his legal career prosecuting those accused of criminal conduct- it was in this setting over the course of more than five years that Harlan honed his trial and advocacy skills.  Upon leaving the office of the District Attorney, Harlan began representing those accused of criminal conduct and after many successful years doing that, Harlan found his niche in combining this practice with personal injury work.  Harlan has represented countless people in personal injury matters and with each client, works to ensure that they are not run over by the insurance industry. 

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