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Christopher K. Annunziata

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  • How to change a Mediator

    5 years ago, we were assigned this awful mediator. I have spoke to a few attorneys in my area who all seem to agree that she favors men. This obviously blows my mind that she still has a job. I am about to go to court again with my daughter's fath...

    Christopher’s Answer

    First, I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with mediation. It is a very effective way of resolving disputes and hope you don't give up on using it in the future.

    I am not certain how California handles court-ordered or court-referred mediation, but in Georgia, the parties are given the opportunity to choose their mediator. Mediation, even court-ordered mediation, is a voluntary process. I would review your Notice or Order to mediate and determine what office is in charge of the mediation program and call them. Explain that you are not satisfied with their selection of mediator and would prefer another one. If there is no such central office, call the clerk or staff attorney for the judge assigned to your case and explain your concerns to them. If you have an attorney, speak to them about this and ask if they can get your case reassigned. If you have the financial means and your daughter's father agrees, see if you can hire a private mediator in place of the court's choice.

    If you feel in any way that the mediator is biased, then they have lost your trust and cannot effectively do their job. In the end, the case will likely not settle, or result in an agreement that you feel coerced into.

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