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Shofaetiyah D. Watson

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  • Never went to court for speeding and expired tag ticket from 2006. What to do?

    I know my license has been suspended because of it but I'm not sure of any other consequences. I sold my car a long time ago as well and use public transportation. The ticket was issued on Thanksgiving, 11/25/2006. I contacted the court but the...

    Shofaetiyah’s Answer

    You should make sure that no warrant has been issued by the court, then inquire as to when (and whether) they allow for "walk-in" cases (you're not scheduled on the calendar but you can walk-in and have your case resolved). Be prepared to pay the fine for the speeding ticket and the FTA (failure to appear). Know that you may have to explain to a judge why you did not come to court on the scheduled date.

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