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Precious Felder

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  • I have a simple battery charge and court is may 8th. i went to the public defenders office today and didnt qualify

    they said i am making too much money problem is i havent even been at this job 90days yet so i dont have any money saved up to pay a big retainer fee yet. what options do i have when i go to court?

    Precious’s Answer

    Hire an attorney that accepts payment plans:

    Precious Felder, Esq.
    The Law Offices of Precious Felder, LLC
    501 Pulliam St., Suite 150
    Atlanta, GA 30312
    (404) 221-8888

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  • What charges am I looking at for possession of marijuana over 1 Ounce with intent?Ill be using a public defender.

    I'm a first offender. also we only had 17 grams. I received a letter from court about the court date, this letter said my charges were possession over 1 ounce with intent. is there any way to fight the amount I had?

    Precious’s Answer

    If you are sure you only possessed 17 grams, this would not constitute felony possession. Hire an attorney who can negotiate with the prosecutor. If there is nothing in the evidence that proves your possession of more than an ounce, this needs to be pointed out to the prosecutor. If the prosecutor is willing to negotiate, the best deal is to knock the charge down to misdemeanor possession and a conditional discharge under OCGA 16-13-2(a) since you are a first offender. A conditional discharge will allow you to be discharged of the crime after completing some form of probation.

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  • My daughter just turned 15 in Feb and the entire time since she was born there has been some doubt in my mind that she is mine.

    I haven't had any contact with my daughter since she was 8 or 9 by her choice and her mothers keeping her from me and insisted that I travel the 100 miles to see her because she was always in some school or church function and that the mother simp...

    Precious’s Answer

    I agree. If you are already paying child support, paternity is no longer an issue. However, I would definitely recommend a modification. Contact an attorney as soon as possible who can explain some grounds for deviations that may reduce the support amount you are currently paying.

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