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Eric Nathan Bernstein

About Eric Bernstein

About me

After fighting on behalf of indigent clients as a Public Defender early in my career, I am currently working alongside attorney George Creal in all matters criminal and civil.  Though only 34 years old, I've have already tried dozens of criminal cases, felony and misdemeanor alike.  My felony cases tried before a jury consist of murder charges, armed burglary, armed robbery, and drug trafficking.  Additionally, I have tried assault and battery cases plus smaller level felony drug and property offense cases.  Most of my misdemeanor cases consist of DUI charges, some with a breath test and some without.  I have also tried felony and misdemeanor cases before various judges in juveniles courts.  An overwhelming majority of my cases have resulted in either an outright acquittal or a guilty to a lesser charge.  Additionally, I have filed and/or argued over 200 motions to suppress in felony and misdemeanor cases.  A number of these motions resulted in the dismissal of my client's case, including a dismissal for trafficking in cocaine and a dismissal of an armed robbery case.  Lastly, I have taken over 1,300 depositions of state witnesses in different types of felony and misdemeanor cases.  In addition to police officers and detectives, these have ranged from eye witnesses to expert witnesses.  I have deposed expert witnesses the fields of  DUI, drug recognition, ballistics, fingerprints, and DNA.  My goal is to make sure I am more informed than the judge, prosecutor, and witnesses about the facts of my case each time I step into a courtroom.  I will always allow for a free consultation, so please don't hesitate to call me if you are in need a defense attorney who will bend over backwards for you. 

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