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Thomas J. Mihill

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  • My son has written a book of poems and is currently working on a story. What is the easiest manner of obtaining a copyright?

    I've been told that one may mail signed and dated copies of the original material to one's self. As long as the material remains in the sealed envelop the copyright is legal. Is this information valid?

    Thomas’s Answer

    Ms. Koslyn's answer is absolutely correct. Mailing the work to yourself provides no benefit or protection. However, while you may hear that the work is protected without registration from the moment that it is created (which is true), that is a right without a remedy. You cannot sue for infringement without having the work registered, and you can lose all access to statutory damages. Therefore, you definitely want to pay the $35 and register the copyright. It is very straightforward, and you can find information and register at

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