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Lawrence Jason Zimmerman

About Lawrence Zimmerman

About me

In a crisis, you need someone who has the experience to not only manage the crisis but to have the foresight to see ten steps ahead. This is what sets Mr. Zimmerman apart from his colleagues. He uses a 360-degree approach when developing an aggressive game plan to protect you from being prosecuted. In fact, if you read his client reviews on, most of his clients tout his aggressiveness and his ability to execute the plan that he has created for you. When you are in need, you do not want a lawyer who only reacts to his opponent’s moves. You want your opponent reacting to your moves. Mr. Zimmerman’s reputation among lawyers is stellar and that is why some of them will call him for assistance when they are in trouble, or just in need of some advice.

There are many instances, where he has been able to uncover and interview more witnesses than the police. He uses this global approach to cases to insure that you are in the best position possible when facing down the long arm of the law. Mr. Zimmerman prides himself on his ability to close your case before it is even opened. Historically, many clients have passed through his firm’s doors on the verge of arrest when he intervenes and turns the case around. Those are the ones that nobody hears about and those clients are most thankful for not having their reputation diminished.


If you are looking to hire someone who outthinks your opponent, Mr. Zimmerman is the one for you. His creativity is unmatched, and he is not satisfied until you receive the result you desire. When you meet with him at the first client interview, he will lay out for you a multi-prong attack, and if you work that plan, you most likely will be successful in your case. His communication with his clients is tops which is supported by all of the client reviews on You want that lawyer who is up all night thinking of you and how he can best protect your interests. He does not sleep until he can figure out your defense.





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