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  • Engaged Mr Kim to notarise a document

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ken

    Went to get a legal document notarised today after I have scheduled a 9.30am appointment directly with Mr David Kim, the lawyer, a day ago. I was greeted by the friendly staff in the office. Mr Kim arrived half an hour later than our scheduled appointment in his sports attire. To be fair, I was a good 10 minutes late myself though it is still basic courtesy to apologise for being late for an appointment. Come the time to sign off the document, which is held in their copy room, I was given a pen without much ink left. I grabbed another pen from a nearby stationery holder and asked Mr Kim, the lawyer: "Do you want to use another pen instead?" Without delay he responded in an unfriendly tone: "No, I don't." Only to find out that the pen was out of ink. After he has put his signature on the document with the working pen that I passed to him, in vaguely his own words, he asked: "What is this document about? I am a lawyer. I need to know what I've signed." I answered: "You should." Regardless, I told him what the document is about and he took my word for it. For the short few minutes of our meeting, he said to me “I am a lawyer” no lesser than two times to remind me that he is a lawyer. I also know that Mr Kim is a provider of professional services and I am a client/customer. I handed him my document at the beginning of our meeting in a folder. So after making payment, I certainly do not expect to carry a stack of papers out with me. That was why I brought them in a folder. I asked for it back from Mr Kim, the lawyer, and after he passed my folder back to me, he pointed to the backdoor and said: "Leave by this door." I asked him why because I came in from the front entrance. His response was shocking, "Because this is my office and I said so." By the way, I am a Singaporean Chinese who has been in America for a year on an expatriate visa. With Kim as his family name, I believe I can safely assume that Mr Kim is of Korean heritage. Showing somebody the backdoor is a very disrespectful gesture wherever you go, but especially so in Asian culture. Despite being displeased, I smiled and said to Mr Kim, "Thank you very much, lawyer," before walking out of his office. It was an unpleasant experience engaging Mr Kim for his service but I am very glad that I do not have to deal with him from here on. This is my side of the story and it might have been a one-off incident but this is not the sort of behaviour you would expect from a professional. I take it as a lesson learnt.

    Hired attorney
  • I am very displeased with this attorney.

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I am very displeased with this attorney he would not accept my case due to 1 month had past by of the incident before I asked him to handle my case. what ever happened to justice for all.
    If you are an attorney you can fight for someone rights regardless of the time frame.

  • Sophisticated law firm with intimate, hands on service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kendall

    After being involved in a serious motorcycle accident, for the first time in my life I realized I desperately needed a lawyer to represent me in my personal injury claim. I found Kim and Associates on Google Places. I’m a fairly independent person who used to frown upon suing, but this entire process changed my perspective.

    I contacted the lawyer on a weekend and the man himself, David Kim, actually answered! I had dabbled with other law firms for approximately a month, and I never got to speak to the attorney. It was always the paralegals or interns who answered the phone, but with Kim and Associates, David Kim is often the one communicating with you. This hands-on approach impressed me, so I decided to hire them.

    First of all, I was surprised by how quickly the personal injury process went. I expected a bumpy ride with long, drawn out negotiations with insurance companies, especially considering the details of my case. The man who hit me had bad insurance with low policy limits, so we had to go after my own insurance company to get more compensation.

    I was tremendously impressed with Kim and Associates’ legal expertise and customer service. Everyone there is very to the point and down to earth about your claim. They are the first person I would go to if I should get injured again.

  • Diligent Attorney who got me a policy limit of six figures

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rhettl

    I was riding my motorcycle and got into an accident that was not my fault. My arm, wrist, and both legs were broken as a result.

    At first, my case seemed like a complete disaster. My medical bills were more than the coverage limits of the at-fault party and my treatment was ridiculously expensive. Since I was fairly incapacitated, I was worried how I could contact an attorney. Luckily, Kim and Associates addressed all of my concerns. David guided me through everything and spoke to me like a person, not a case number.

    They don’t charge you unless they win the case. His team doesn’t charge anything unless they get you a healthy sum of cash, which they eventually did for me! :). I originally thought that because my medical expenses were so massive, I wouldn’t get anything out of the case, but David Kim made sure I did. I felt like this was a law firm where we truly had mutual interests. They always returned my calls and took time to strategize my case. Ultimately, they found me money I didn’t even know was available!

  • Rear-End Collision

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kawanna

    We came onto the road and somebody wasn't paying attention. The car slammed on their brakes and we swerved. The people behind us weren't paying attention and they hit us from behind. I had some neck and back problems after that. I was satisfied with the service Attorney Kim provided.

  • Car Accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elsie

    I was in a car and somebody hit us. I hurt my back, legs, and neck. Attorney Kim was a good man. He was very very good to me. I wouldn't go to another attorney. I will always use Attorney Kim because he is a good man. I was very satisfied with my settlement and the people that worked with him and God knows I was satisfied with him. I was very satisfied with his doctor referrals. His paralegal Mina met me to bring me my check and she was very nice to me. If I ever need a lawyer, I'm going to use David Kim and my family will use David Kim.

  • Car Accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marlo

    I was in a car accident. When I called, they kept me updated with my case. It was good working with Attorney Kim. I was satisfied with my settlement.

  • Car Accident

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Russell

    I got hit from behind by a car and I called Kim & Associates and he got right on my case. They took my evidence and got with the insurance companies and within weeks they had my claim filled. They did a great job for me. I wasn't even expecting that amount.

    David Kim’s response: “Russell had a case which another firm thought didn't have enough damages. We thought differently. We settled for 3 times the amount than he expected. Persistence pays off.”
  • Fell at the mall

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marshell

    I had been working nonstop since '89 to support my family. There was not a job that I was fired from or laid off from. After my incident which resulted in a laparoscopic surgery, and a knee replacement procedure, it was very difficult for me to walk or function normally which resulted in me not being able to work for four years.

    With my son in the military overseas and this new injury, it was a very difficult time for me to go through. This incident negatively impacted my ability to take care of my grandkids, husband, and my children.

    Fortunately, the office of Kim & Associates was there to support me through all of this. As soon as I submitted all my information, they began working on my case diligently. They made sure that I received all the medical treatment that I needed in order to return to my normal life.

    David Kim’s response: “Marshell had a case which another big firm rejected. We had to dig deep into her case and flush out the details. It took a lot of work, but she and I didn't give up. We settled in the mid-six figures with the insurance company.”