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Chiri N. Rutledge

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  • Can I get some advice for plea bargaining/ possible transfer to state to reduce charges for driving golfcart on susp. licence?

    I told my room mate that he could use a golf cart to go to work since his bike was stolen. His license is suspended. He drove the golf cart and crossed over HWY 54 where I guess it not allowed to cross. Yet, there are other places nearby that are ...

    Chiri’s Answer

    I suggest that he first get his driver's license reinstated and the ticket may be dismissed. He should ask for a continuance to try to take care of the reason for the suspension. Once he gets to court he should ask for a Prosecutor to discuss a plea. He could take a Defensive Driver's Course in person if he cannot take care of the suspension prior to his date to enter a plea after the continuance.

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