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Martin Adam Levinson

About Martin Levinson

About me

Martin Levinson is a partner in the Atlanta office of Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP. Martin represents businesses and individuals in various types of liability defense and litigation, including premises liability, product liability, trucking and transportation law, general property and casualty liability, and insurance and bad faith litigation. Martin handles matters in all phases of the litigation process, including advising clients on litigation avoidance, pre-suit liability and/or coverage analysis, handling matters in active litigation, mediation and settlement, trial, and appeals.

Martin advises and represents individuals and businesses of all types and sizes, ranging from international food and beverage manufacturers, electronics and medical equipment manufacturers, and nationwide trucking and logistics companies to individuals and small business owners faced with litigation or other legal concerns.

Martin strongly believes that obtaining the best outcome for his client in any case requires flexibility, strategic analysis, and creativity.  In every case, Martin's primary focus is to obtain the best possible result for his client by examining the issue or case critically and then presenting the client with available options so that the client can make the right choice for that particular client in that particular matter.

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