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Zebulon Kelly Chandler

About Zebulon Chandler

About me

Attorney Zebulon Kelly Chandler is a Senior Partner at Chandler and Chandler Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia.   Chandler and Chandler Law Group has practice areas in entertainment law, personal injury, and business law.


In entertainment matters Mr. Chandler helps clients negotiate, draft, execute, and enforce tv, film and music contracts.  He works with talent and companies to develop quality contracts, deals, and compliance and growth strategies. 


Mr. Chandler also practices personal injury, assisting victims of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, and other injuries in resolving their claims with at fault parties and insurance companies.


Attorney "Zeb" Chandler studied Management Information Systems at the University of Georgia where he earned his bachelors degree.  After UGA, he moved to LA where he worked in entertainment marketing in the television industry for three years.  He later returned to Georgia and graduated from from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta where he received his Juris Doctorate.


Mr. Chandler is active with a variety of charitable, community, and professional organizations including Atlanta Youth Soccer, Zoo Atlanta, and the Atlanta Council of Young Lawyers.


Zeb is a native Georgian, an Eagle Scout, and an avid linguist.  He studies Japanese, Chinese, and Turkish to be conversant with friends and family, and is fluent in Spanish.  When he is not working with clients, or reading up on the law, he enjoys playing soccer and basketball and spending time with his wife, family, and dogs. 



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