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John Alfred Roberts

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    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Claimed to have represented several cases against Ford Motor Co, regarding the 6.0 diesel power stroke engine and won all cases. False! He had NO disvovery, NO client reference case to support my claim, and charge excessively for two shitty generic letters to the FMC! Hidden erroneous charges, double charges, etc. Yet I also now see that he's mainly a family law practicing attorney. I spoke with another attorney, and he was surprised at the billing statements. Months had passed, and no word, but I received his monthly billing statements. When questioned, he gave no rational response, but asked for more money.

    The following day, he simply abandoned our case! He was paid about $4,000 to basically do nothing and mislead us. Before you first pay him, evertything with this guy is yes, nonproblem, well handle it, but afterwards he told us that our case would cost 60K. I could buy two new trucks for that. This case is onlt worth about $18K plus reasonable attorneys fees. If he told us that from the start, we would never retained him. Who in their right frame of mind would?

    John Alfred Roberts’s response: “Lawyer Response: (Ford Motor Co.) It is unfortunate this client did not allow us to proceed in this case Ford Motor Co. although their General Counsels’ Office had accepted the claim on the 6.0 diesel engine failure following our original demand letter sent some fourteen (14) days after the Firm being retained. But as in all things where you are asking the other party, Ford, to pay on a claim that exceeds $20,000.00 without the necessity of litigation these things take time. There was no need for discovery as there was no pending litigation. The claim had already been accepted by Ford. In the alternative had we been required to file a lawsuit in this matter as indicated the costs could exceed $60,000.00based on previously litigated cases. All of which was recovered in previous lawsuits for the client. This was not necessary as indicated the claim was accepted without the necessity of litigation. We began our representation in August, 2014. The claim was accepted and we had fulfilled all of Ford’s request for documentation by September 24, 2014. The client paid an initial retainer of $2500.00, one additional payment of $654.74 and refused to pay the balance of his account of $1554.09 for a period of several months. Based on Firm policy for payment of outstanding fees we withdrew from the case due to the clients’ impatience with Ford and his failure to pay charges and expenses as they accrued. Had he been patient Ford as in other cases we have handled with Ford, GM and Chrysler/Dodge would have paid for the full replacement of his engine ($18,000.00)plus other expenses the client had experienced due to the failure of the engine and related towing and transportation costs.”
  • Exceptional representation!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    I caused an auto accident and my anxiety was very high concerning all the consequences. I expected every step to be painful but it was easy, SOLELY due to their knowledge and care. They were patient, guided me through each step and answered all my questions. This team is very professional, kept me thoroughly informed and covered me when I fell apart. I will call Atty., Roberts for future legal assistance and do refer his name. I am grateful I didn't go elsewhere for help.

  • Negligent, overinflated bills

    1.0 star

    Posted by Elizabeth

    He is the worst attorney I have ever used. He either has a terrible memory problem or totally ignored my case. Neither are good. I had to fire him because he made my case worse and hire a new attorney to get my case straightened out. His bills were downright false or unbelievably overinflated.

    A Poor rating is too high for him. He is downright dangerous.

    John Alfred Roberts’s response: “The representation began in September, 2014 following a demand for possession of the home occupied by the client following entering into a lease term of twelve (12) months in July, 2014. The landlord and tenant did not get along especially after the basement flooded and the landlord delayed in the repairs of the basement making it uninhabitable. The ensuing dispute started shortly after the client’s occupancy. Thereafter, following continued discussions with the landlord’s attorney and continued demands by the landlord and the tenant we filed suit in the Superior Court of Fulton County on November 10, 2014. Service of the Defendant landlord took place a few days later by private process server. In early December the landlord filed an eviction complaint in Cobb Co. Magistrate court. We filed a response and related counterclaims in a timely fashion. The matter was set down for a hearing after two (2) continuances for January 16, 2015. The parties reached an agreement as to the lease and tenancy which included the dismissal of the claims by both parties both in Magistrate and Superior Courts. The settlement agreement was drafted at the time of the hearing. Thereafter, a formal settlement document was initially prepared by our office and submitted to the client for review. The client made multiple changes to the agreement on repeated occasions. The agreement was submitted to counsel for the landlord who further made changes to the agreement. At the end of the day a formalized settlement was not reached due to the changes made by both parties. During this time the client became more and more belligerent with staff and the attorneys at the Firm to the point I sent her an email asking her to refrain from both the type of language and the tenor of the language being used or we could no longer represent her interest in the on-going matters. The emails and their content went on through February 9, 2015. At that time the client terminated our services. The settlement was entered into based on the original negotiated terms some thirty (30) days later after a long discussion between myself and new counsel who was having essentially having the same issues. The client has an outstanding balance with the Firm currently in the amount of $10,149.16. My memory is excellent, we bill for only the work completed on the clients behalf and the expenses paid by the Firm through the representation.”
  • An advocate you can depend on!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    Mr. Roberts, has represented my family, and my business in multiple matters for nearly 20 years. Mr. Roberts, has be forthright, trustworthy and most importantly very effective in all cases!