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Christopher Matthew Simon

Christopher Simon’s Legal Guides

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  • Dram Shop Liability in Georgia

    How to spot and analyze a case against a bar or alcohol provider after a DUI crash. O.C.G.A. ? 51-1-40 the Dram Shop Law Most states say that when a drunk driver causes a crash, the driver is the only

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  • Where Can You Sue a Trucking Company in Georgia After an Accident

    When it comes to Motor Common Carriers (companies that carry other people's cargo), Georgia gives the injured victim's family a number of choices in where to bring the lawsuit. Typically you can bring it: In the County where the truck driver lives In the County where the trucki...

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  • How Do I File My Own Lawsuit In Small Claims Court in Georgia

    As we have described in our Georgia Car Accident Guide book, you know that it is not cost effective to hire a lawyer for a simple case with less than $3,000 in medical bills. If you have already followed the directions laid out in the Guide and the insurance company wont even ...

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  • How much will a car accident lawyer cost?

    This guide provides an explanation of common pricing used by personal injury lawyers when taking on a car accident or injury case.

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  • How to Hire a Good Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

    Internet Research Make a list of five lawyers that look promising under these criteria a) Undergraduate and Law School: Are they respectable schools? b) Experience: More than 10 years is mandatory

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