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Allen F. Harris

Allen Harris’s Legal Guides

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  • Commingled Separate and Marital Property

    Georgia is not a community property state. Brown v. Little, 227 Ga. App. 484, 489 S.E.2d 596 (1997). Rather, this state has extensive case law on treating assets as either separate or marital for the purposes of equitable division. Only the property acquired during the marriage ...

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  • Dividing Stock Options in Georgia Divorces

    Employee stock options may constitute a significant marital asset. The options may be considered vested or unvested. The issues for determination are whether the options are martial property and what the value is. In some instances, the transfer from the employee spouse to the...

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  • Initial Consult Documents- What to bring:

    The following is a suggestion of documents for you to bring to your initial consultation: 1. Tax returns for the last three years including supporting documents such as 1099s etc. 2. Other evidence of your or your spouses income 3. Brokerage statements 4. Retirement account state...

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  • General Divorce Preparation Instructions

    1. Keep Certain Property Separate. If you have received any monetary inheritance or gift (other than from your spouse), do not co-mingle it with marital monies or joint account funds. Keep it segreg

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