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Client vs. Employer/Insurer

Case Conclusion Date: 10.25.2007

Practice Area: Workers compensation

Outcome: Settled for $400,000 plus $250,000 MSA

Description: Our client was hit by 7200 volts of electricity. He worked for a year then had a heart attack which was deemed related to the electrical shock. The first thing Tom Holder did was get his weekly benefit rate increased as the insurer used the wrong earnings amount. We also got psychological benefits for the client. The insurer then tried to fight the defibrillator replacement even though they paid for the first one. This was litigated and Tom Holder successfully got the medical treatment, plus the employer/insurer had to pay our attorney's fees. Additionally, Tom Holder was able to get our client's wife designated as his attendant care provider. As a result, the insurer had to make a $130,000 lump sum payment. His wife received $357 in addition to our client's weekly benefits for six years. The case eventually settled for $400,000 plus a $250,000 Medicare Set Aside Fund to help pay for future medical costs.

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