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Rand Csehy’s Answers

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  • How do I go about getting an earlier court date. Can the public defendant motion the judge, what's required in GA?

    My husband was in jail for a technical violation of probation, he did not re-commit a crime it was because of not doing community service. He spent 15 days alresady in jail because of a traffic violation 8 years ago. My prayer is for the judge to ...

    Rand’s Answer

    If he has a public defender, he/she needs to be contacted and told of his medical condition, first and foremost. Additionally, your husband needs to contact his attorney and ask that he/she contact the case manager and have the matter scheduled as soon as practicable. Unfortunately, due to budget shortfalls and backlogged dockets in the metro courts 30 days is not out of the ordinary, regardless of how harsh the punishment is in relation to the offense.

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  • I got a ticket for driving with no license what is usually the fine for this

    I was driving with no license but on the paperwork it says suspended license. I was told at the DDS that my license was not suspended but I needed to take a class.

    Rand’s Answer

    The fines by county and court vary. If you have a license but didn't have it on you at the time, the fine is $25.00. If, on the other hand, you were driving without a license altogether, the maximum fine is $1,000.00. The fine schedule for Dekalb, Atlanta and omany other metro courts is usually listed on the respective website.

    As for the suspended license issue, it appears that the ticket may note a "failure of service" in which case, you are then notified of the suspension but not charged with it, rather a charge of No License is issued. The class you are speaking of is either a Defensive Driving course or a DUI school. After completing this course take proof directly to DDS and ensure your license is valid.

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  • My friends bond was revoked because while on bond another charge was caught what can be done?

    My friend was out on bond for a trafficking charge. While out on bond they caught another possesion charge and a fire arm charge by a convicted felon. They made bond and about two months later they go to court on the first charge and they revoke h...

    Rand’s Answer

    Subject to the caveat that the answer is generic by necessity as it's not proper to comment without knowing all of the facts and his (new) counsel has probably advised him of the same... when charged with trafficking drugs, a criminal defendant faces a mandatory minimum sentence (depending on the drug) from 3 years (XTC) to 5 (marijuana) to 10 (coke, meth, amphetamine) and up. Your friend received a bond because the judge was convinced that while on bond he would not flee; intimidate witness or obstruct justice; be a threat to society; or commit a felony while on bond. Being arrested for being in possession of a firearm as a convicted felon (even though not convicted) permits revocation of the initial bond due to the severity of the charge; the lessened burden of proof; and an overriding concern for the community. If, for example, he was one of 4 people in a car and a firearm was in the trunk, there would be room for argument as to the charge and revocation. If he was carrying it or if under his seat in his car... that's another story.

    If the prosecutor won't back down from the mandatory minimum, his choices are plead to the charge or go to trial (of course, after challenging the matter in a motion to suppress). His past histroy doesn't matter with regard to mandatories... unless they are used to enhance. It may be a situation where he is getting the best advice possible, but doesn't like the answers. You can look up trafficking law under OCGA 16-13-31 and bond guidelines under OCGA 17-6-1, et seq. Unfortunately, it sounds like he will be sitting until one or the other case is resolved.

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