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Michael George Webb

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  • A lawyer for families

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bri Boyce

    Mr. Webb has repeatedly proven his dedication for justice for my family. Mr. Webb was able to close a case where I was facing 20 yrs. in prison. He also represented my family in multiple Personal Injury cases successfully. We continue to use Mr. Webb because he knows the law and he represented our interest to the fullest. He allowed me to continue to see my children grow up. He made sure our Personal Injury claims paid us exactly what we deserved according to the law. Mr. Webb is our life time lawyer and our friend. Phillip and Sebrina considers Mr. Webb as family. He is a great lawyer to have.

    Hired attorney
  • Best Personal Injury Firm in Atlanta

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hampton

    Seeing is believing... these lawyers are honest and quick. My entire case was settled in a weeks after medical treatment! Thanks David Zagoria & Mike Webb!

  • Showed great wisdon in negotiations for a disadvantage youth. Hired by a group of people on this young mans support team.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ms Kathy

    After interviewing numerous attorneys, We decided to hire Mr. Webb to represent a disadvantage youth that we had poured years into. The young man was 14 at the time we hired Attorney Webb.

    Attorney Webb did everything that he promised us he would do and even more. Our money was well spent.

    We were pretty hopeless about the situation and in quiet a deli-ma when the public defender said to the prosecution "Twiddly De Twiddly Dumb, Sir what difference does it make about what the charges are?"" This young man is going to jail for 5 years."
    The Lady with me started sobbing and I held back the tears for the child's sake. I ask the child to please fire his attorney and even though he really did not understand how outraged he should have been, he felt anything would be better than no hope and agreed to allow us to seek a private defense for him. I sent others on interviews because I felt that my decision would be based on emotion and not good sense.
    We unanimously chose Mr. Webb. It was a good decision! We did not discuss our faith or Mr. Webb's faith, but we prayed and prayed. His strategy was much wiser than ours. He operated with integrity and won the entire support teams praise for his steadfastness and commitment.
    Mr Webb will probably never begin to know the prayers that went up on his behalf during, before and since this case. He was honest with us and knew when to jump back and when to move forward He operated with great wisdom. His gift seems to be Negotiation and accurately assessing the situation that the client is in.
    This was not an easy situation for Mr Webb yet he prevailed in doing his best with wisdom. His influence and impact that he made on the young man could impact many others. Our Kids aptitude test showed an attorney would be a great choice for him as a career. He said," I might be an attorney someday and go to juveniles to help youth with no hope or a private attorney.

    Our thanks to you Mr. Webb for giving this young man his life back and the fact he will not go into adult hood with a felony. He has 3 months probation and is doing well.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Excellent Attrney and highly recommend for any criminal defense caseH

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    No complaints. Excellent attorney. Helped me tremendously. My at fault car accident case was dismissed and I only to complete a 1 day, $75 defensive driving course. I avoided paying the $175 ticket and points on my license. Call this man for ANY criminal defense case. I highly recommend him.

  • You get the phone call: your son's in jail.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    It's not a good thing when you need to retain the services of a lawyer on a criminal matter. Having said that, it certainly is a good thing when you find the right lawyer. Mike Webb was the right lawyer.

    Over a period of 18 months, my minor son managed to get arrested three times on misdemeanor drug possession charges. My wife and I retained Mike's services after the first arrest. All three cases were open in the City of Atlanta court system at the same time.

    Mike's legal expertise and his ability to adjust, adapt and formulate sound strategies to deal with a very fluid and complicated situation spared my son a criminal record. For that, we are and always will be, very grateful to Mike.

    Throughout the process Mike was very responsive to our questions and sensitive to our concerns. He was honest in his assessments of the potential outcome of each case. And he was prepared to deal with each in a manner that would mitigate any negative impact to the greatest extent possible.

    It's up to us as a family to move our son on to better things.

    We thank Mike for giving us the best possible opportunity to do that.

  • Michael George Webb: A Great Lawyer When You Need One!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    I have been a lawyer for more than 20 years, but never practiced in the area that I found I needed representation. I retained Mike Webb of Webb and Zagoria to represent me and am very pleased that I did. Mike was very knowledgeable and handled the matter efficiently, professionally and with great skill and expertise. Mike kept me informed throughout the process, minimized my burdens, and produced a very successful result. I could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle my case.