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  • Can I pursue a lawsuit against my employer for high levels of benzene in the workplace

    hi i was working at a place that had a lot of benzene in the are. i was a vaccum truck driver and had a load of benzene water and was told to put it in a container that didnt have any place to connect my hose safely. my supervisor told me to open ...

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    You can't sue your employer when you have been injured on the job, even when it was the fault of your employer or a coworker that caused your injury.
    Your employer should have a list of doctors to see for an on the job injury. You should ask your employer to send you to one of those doctors. If you need treatment your employer would have to provide it to you at no cost with no time limit. If you can't work on account of this and the doctor agrees you can receive income benefits.
    Please also be aware that there is a one year time limit for filing a workers' compensation claim with the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation in order to preserve your right to medical treatment and income benefits.

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